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Yamaha NCX5 Classical Electric Guitar

Yamaha NCX5 Classical Electric Guitar

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Yamaha NCX5 Classical Electric Guitar


Featuring a traditional feel and body size, the Yamaha NCX5 acoustic-electric guitar is a comfortable option for experienced classical guitarists. You'll enjoy the delightfully delicate nylon string sound, beautifully projected by its solid walnut back and sides topped with solid European spruce. One thing you won't see — but you'll definitely hear — is the NCX5's advanced internal bracing pattern, which is fine-tuned to enhance frequency response and projection. Complete with the innovative Atmosfeel pickup/preamp system that reproduces every detail of your tone, the Yamaha NCX5 nylon-string acoustic-electric guitar is a stellar performer in every respect.

The Yamaha NCX5 is crafted with all-solid tonewoods. The most obvious reason for this design choice is to take advantage of the natural resonance of the wood. This instrument's cutaway body is made with a sitka spruce top which showcases the punchy attack it's known for. Further, walnut back and sides add warm overtones with a pleasing low-end response. Built by master craftsmen with the best wood available, you can be assured that this Yamaha acoustic is every bit the purebred classical guitar it's billed to be.

The Yamaha NCX5 nylon-string guitar is equipped with Yamaha’s Atmosfeel pickup and preamp system. This innovative system lends a natural, three-dimensional sound to your guitar via a 3-way sensor setup. A piezo under-saddle sensor picks up sound where the strings meet the bridge, while an internal microphone captures the guitar’s internal resonance and a sheet sensor picks up vibrations from its soundboard. A Mic Blend knob enables you to blend the mic signal with the piezo. A Bass EQ knob controls a peaking EQ — the center frequency raises when boosting and lowers when attenuating. You also get a Master Volume control.

While you'll normally never see your guitar's internal bracing, it plays a huge role in dictating how your instrument sounds. The Yamaha NCX5's bracing pattern doesn't have a catchy name, because it's been specifically designed for this body shape, size, and tonewoods. In other words, Yamaha measured and experimented until they found the sweet spot for low-frequency response, projection, and articulation. Guitarists at Music Experience spend a bit too much time thinking about things like internal bracing structures, and we're impressed with Yamaha's attention to this detail.

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